Fourth Year / M.Sc. Individual Projects

If interested in doing an graphics or image processing-related individual project, please browse through the list of proposals below. If interested, feel free to contact Erik Reinhard (reinhard @

If you would like to propose any other projects, please also be in touch, preferrably by e-mail.

High Dynamic Range Image Editing

High Dynamic Range imaging is concerned with expanding the range of values that can be represented in images. Traditional images use 8 bits per channel to store the information for each pixel HDR imaging uses 32 bits per channel instead which not only allows a much larger range of values but since pixels are now stored as floats, the steps between consecutive values are much smaller.

Although there has been quite a lot of research on capturing, storing and displaying HDR content, artistic content creation and editing is still lacking. We can capture HDR photographs and video and we can render in HDR. Professional applications such as Adobe Photoshop can handle HDR imagery but the tools that seamlessly function with such images are limited. In addition, displays are still limited to LDR ranges which means that editing HDR images in that environment becomes a similar problem to editing 3D scenes on a 2D display: there is more information than we can display at any one time.

This project will focus on understanding the problems associated with HDR image processing and will aim to develop a simple image editing application that would allow editing HDR images intuitively in an LDR display.

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