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Dr Simon Price

Simon Price

Visiting Fellow

Intelligent Systems Laboratory,
Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol,
The Merchant Venturers Building, Woodland Road,
Bristol BS8 1UB, United Kingdom

Tel: +44-117-33-14310

Research Interests


I have a research background in e-Science and e-Research with a particular interest in their intersection with machine learning and logic programming. Some of this work also falls within the broad spectrum of Big Data research.

I was a part-time postgraduate research student 2003-2014. My supervisor was Professor Peter Flach; external examiner, Professor Carole Goble CBE; and internal examiner, Dr Tim Kovacs. The title of my thesis is Higher-order Frameworks for Profiling and Matching Heterogeneous Data.



Recent and upcoming conferences, workshops and other events.







Occassional teaching related activities include: supervision of projects, preparation and marking of assignments.

Peer Review

Reviewed paper submissions for the following books, journals, conferences and workshops:

Day Job

I am the University of Bristol's Academic Research IT Manager in the new (April 2014) Research IT service, working in partnership with academic researchers, IT Services, Research Data Service, Advanced Computing and other professional service providers within the University.

Until March 2014 I was the Assistant Director of IT Services Research and Development / ILRT at the University of Bristol, where I worked with a group of fun-loving, talented colleagues on:

Past Lives

Before joining the University in 1992, I worked for several years as a computer games programmer for companies like Melbourne House, Mastertronic, Virgin Games and Electronic Arts.