So you want to study with or visit me?

This page is general notes on PhD applications, internships or job applications to work with me. These are specific notes related to the work I do. It has been written to enable me to collate in one place all the questions which I answer for enquirys.


I do not offer general summer internships for students. We have a limited number of summer internships targeted at undergraduate Computer Science students from Bristol only. Please do not email me with requests for internships, I get so many I am unable to respond to them all.

Post-Doc Jobs

Any post-doc jobs we have are advertised on the CS departments web site, and for cryptography on the IACR web site. Please go there in the first instance.

Want to visit

If you are an existing researcher and you want to visit me to work on something, please first talk with me at one of the conferences I attend. If you are a PhD student then pass your request via your supervisor, assuming they already know me. Again we get so many unsoliciated requests I am unable to respond to all of them.

Prospective PhD Students

Please apply using the procedures outlined here and not via direct email to me. This helps us track all applications.

Generally I am after PhD students who can work in a combination of theoretical and practical cryptography. So I am more interested in your mathematical and/or theoretical computer science skills rather than any experience with security systems. I am after people with a subset of the following backgrounds; pure mathematics, computer science and generic skills. I elaborate on these below, note that I treat programming as a generic skill and not a property of a Computer Scientist.

In your application please highlight the background you have in the above areas.

If you have done a course on cryptography or a project please detail this. Pay particular attention to covering how much you have already covered. For example do you already know What IND-CCA means? What RSA-OAEP is? What a zero-knowledge proof is? What is meant by secure multi-party computation?

Describe in your proposal the research you want to do. This should be aligned to my interests, so read some of my recent papers. In other words do your homework on the place you are applying to. If you want to work on something which I am not interested in working on then your chances of success are close to zero.