Abhijit Karnik
PhD candidate at the University of Bristol in the Interaction and Graphics group, advised by Dr. Sriram Subramanian (UoB) with occasional inputs from Dr. Shahram Izadi and D. Alex Butler (MRC, Cambridge).
Funded through EPSRC's DHPA (2009) by Microsoft Research, Cambridge.

Research Interests
Primary focus on building novel multi-user multi-view displays systems with see-through capabilities. Currently investigating effects of long-term use of mixed-content multi-display setups.

Community Activities
- Active in the HCI community since 2009.
- Program committee member for CHI '14, MobileHCI '12 & EuroITV '13.
- Reviewer for CHI ('13, '12, '11, '10), UIST ('13, '12), MobileHCI '13, SUI '13, ITS ('12, '11, '10), GI ('12, '11), INTERACT'11 & ICEC'11.

PhD Status: All done! Awaiting final confirmation.

I am moving to Lancaster University (School of Computing and Communications) as a Lecturer from October 2013. This page will be redirected to a new website soon.

Please use the department's <contact form> or email me at:

Postal Address:
Lab 2.09
Department of Computer Science
University of Bristol
Merchant Venturers Building
Woodland Road
United Kingdom

Fax: +44 117 954-5208

Latest news:

20-Sep-2013 : Moving to Lancaster U.! Time to test my teaching-fu as a lecturer.

12-Aug-2013 : Defence done! Going through the "Lame Doc" phase.

17-Jul-2013 : D-Day! 12th August 2013. Here we go!

19-Jun-2013 : Submitted! Onto defense! And it is happening soon.

07-Jun-2013 : Keep Calm and Carry On. The thesis is almost there. The 'intent to submit' has been dispatched!

6-May-2013 : Morphees garners a lot of press coverage. Selected links: Discovery News, Verge, Wired UK & SlashGear.

22-Mar-2013 : SDM-Assist published in BMC BioInformatics Journal (IF=2.75). Links: Paper & software.

18-Mar-2013 : Two! papers accepted to Interact 2013. Links and details coming soon.

24-Jan-2013 : Morphees project page is live! #Morphees@BIG and #Morphees

18-Dec-2012 : Presenting a talk at GIST, Univ. of Glasgow about my work

10-Dec-2012 : Morphees accepted for CHI 2013

07-Nov-2012 : PiVOT wins a slot in the Innovation Showcase at Bristol VentureFest'12.

23-Oct-2012 : Presenting a talk at DGP Univ. of Toronto about PiVOT, MUSTARD and VORTEX

11-Oct-2012 : 'PiVOT' features in GizMag

09-Oct-2012 : Paper on 'PiVOT' will be presented at UIST 2012

15-Jun-2012 : Paper on 'PiVOT' conditionally accepted for UIST 2012

12-Jun-2012 : Short paper on 'Multitouch Classroom' to be presented at IDC 2012

10-May-2012 : Paper on 'MUSTARD' presented at CHI 2012

08-May-2012 : 'MUSTARD' demoed during Interactivity Session at CHI 2012

Last updated: Sep 20 2013