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Mailing lists

These are the most frequently used mailing lists. Try to use the smallest list possible. Use the unit mailing lists (comsXXXXX@cs.bris.ac.uk) in preference to the cs-X@bris.ac.uk lists; the former include any subsid students, CSE etc and exclude students not taking that unit.

Staff and PhD students
coms-teach@cs.bris.ac.ukAll CS teaching staff
coms-ra@cs.bris.ac.ukAll CS research staff
coms-support@cs.bris.ac.ukAll CS support staff
coms-acstaff@cs.bris.ac.ukAll CS faculty board members (subset of coms-teach)
coms-pgr@cs.bris.ac.ukAll CS research postgrads
cs-seminars@cs.bris.ac.ukA meta list for announcements of seminars
Undergraduate and MSc students
coms11100@cs.bris.ac.ukAll students on unit COMS11100
coms?????@cs.bris.ac.ukSimilarly for all other COMS units
coms-pgt@cs.bris.ac.ukAll CS taught postgrads (or cs-msc)
cs-msc-global@cs.bris.ac.uk Global MSc CS students
cs-msc-conv@cs.bris.ac.uk Conversion MSc CS students
cs-msc-ml@cs.bris.ac.uk Machine Learning MSc CS students
cs-msc-old@cs.bris.ac.ukAll Outgoing MSc CS students
cs-msc-global-old@cs.bris.ac.ukOutgoing Global MSc CS students
cs-msc-conv-old@cs.bris.ac.ukOutgoing Conversion MSc CS students
coms-yr1@bris.ac.uk First year CS students (note: @bris.ac.uk)
coms-yr2@bris.ac.uk Second year CS students (note: @bris.ac.uk)
coms-yr3@bris.ac.uk Third year CS students (note: @bris.ac.uk)
coms-yr4@bris.ac.uk Fourth year CS students (note: @bris.ac.uk)
Backwards Compatibility
cs-academic-staff@cs.bris.ac.uk coms-teach + coms-ra
cs-staff@cs.bris.ac.uk coms-teach + coms-ra + coms-support
cs-dept@cs.bris.ac.uk coms-teach + coms-ra + coms-support + coms-pgr + coms-pgt

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