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Functional Programming with Miranda

Book by Ian Holyer. ISBN 1857282485. UCL Press 1992. (originally published by Pitman 1992, taken over by UCL 1993).


This book is aimed both at students and at professional programmers. It introduces not just a programming language, but also a style of programming - the declarative style - in which less emphasis is put on programming detail and more on problem solving than with traditional languages. The early chapters describe the methods used by functional programmers to design both small and large programs. The later chapters provide a non-mathematical introduction to the implementation and theory of functional languages.

The Miranda language (Miranda is a trademark of Research Software Ltd.) is described and used throughout most of the book. It is a simple language which nevertheless contains all the key features of functional languages and it has a good program development environment. It is used extensively for teaching and academic research, and is also increasingly being used in industrial applications.

The Miranda functional programming system is a product of Research Software Limited. I am grateful to Research Software Limited for permission to include information about the Miranda system in this book. However, this book does not aim to provide a detailed definition of the Miranda language, or its programming environment. An online reference manual is supplied with the system and this should be consulted for a complete description. The information given here is based on Miranda release two. (Enquiries about the availability of the Miranda system should be addressed to Research Software Limited, 23 St Augustines Road, Canterbury CT1 1XP, England, or to the electronic mail address - mira-request@ukc.ac.uk.)


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Answers to Exercises

Answers to the exercises in chapters 2 and 3 are available on demand by emailing me, ian@cs.bris.ac.uk, and I will also be happy to discuss the exercises in later chapters. I will check that you are listed among the staff at your institution before sending the answers; this is in case you want to use the exercises as marked assigments and do not want the answers to be easily available to students.
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