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BriX - A Deterministic Concurrent Functional X Windows System

Pascal Serrarens. Technical Report, Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol, June 1995. Full paper: 106179 bytes gzipped PostScript.


With the introduction of concurrent functional languages, potential non-determinism is introduced. Two processes can update a file at the same time, leading to an unpredictable result. This is taken for granted, there is a common idea stating that concurrency and non-determinism are synonymous. In their paper, Carter and Holyer propose a deterministic approach to many systems which are inherently non-deterministic. The first steps in that direction have been taken with the design of BriX, a deterministic concurrent windowing system. This report describes the development and workings of this system. Special efforts were taken on the avoiding of non-determinism. BriX was not designed to be a standard windowing system, the goal was to write it with deterministic techniques.
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