James Hanlon
PhD Student
Department of Computer Science
University of Bristol
Room 3.37
Merchant Venturer's Building
Woodland Road
United Kingdom

Email: hanlon at cs.bris.ac.uk
Web: www.cs.bris.ac.uk/~hanlon

I am a PhD student in the Microelectronics Research Group in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bristol, under the supervision of Simon Hollis and David May.

Research interests

I am interested generally in computer architecture and my work investigates architectural models for highly parallel computation. I'm working on an experimental implementation of a language and XMOS XS1-based architecture.

As an undergraduate I completed a research project entitled Universal routing in processor networks, which investigated approaches to routing in irregular networks of processors. The source code and documentation for the network simulator developed for this project is available.


  • Fast distributed process creation with the XMOS XS1 Architecture
    James Hanlon and Simon J. Hollis, in proc. Communicating Process Architectures 2011, 33 (pp. 195-207), 2011.
  • Dynamic generation of parallel computations
    James Hanlon and Simon J. Hollis, in proc. UK Electronics Forum 2010, (pp. 7-17), 2010.
  • XK-XMP-64 performance measurements
    James Hanlon. XMOS 2009.


  • Scalable data abstractions for distributed parallel computations,
    Imperial College, London. January 2013. [Slides]
  • The resurgence of parallel programming languages,
    BCS Advanced Programming Specialist Group. April 2012, London. [Slides]


Departmental Involvment