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ECAI'98 Workshop on

Abduction and Induction in AI

Brighton, 25 August, 1998

Workshop schedule

The program of the workshop includes an invited talk (by Murray Shanahan) and three discussion panels. Each of the first two panels consists of 3 position statements of 20-25 minutes each, followed by 15 minutes of discussion on the broader issues raised by the papers. The third session will be an open discussion on general issues that have culminated from the present workshop and the two previous workshops at IJCAI'97 and ECAI'96. This session will start with a short (15 minutes) summary of main issues.

9:00 Welcome and introduction to the workshop
9:30 Murray Shanahan: Reinventing Shakey (invited talk)
10:30 Coffee break

Discussion panel 1: Abduction and Induction in AI - Practical Issues
12:30 Lunch break

Discussion panel 2: Abduction and Induction in AI - Conceptual Issues
15:30 Tea break

Discussion panel 3: Open Discussion
  • Peter Flach & Antonis Kakas: Abduction and Induction: Background and Issues.
17:00 Closing

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