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ECAI'96 Workshop on

Abductive and Inductive Reasoning

Contributed papers

What follows is a list of contributed papers, sorted alphabetically on first author. The PostScript source of each paper can be obtained by clicking on its title below. Archives containing all of these files are also available in either Unix (compressed tar-archive, 641K, binary transfer) or Macintosh (BinHexed Compact Pro archive, 701K, ASCII transfer) format.

Atocha Aliseda A unified framework for abductive and inductive reasoning in philosophy and AI
John Bell Induction in philosophy and AI
Brigitte Bessant The Babelism about induction and abduction
Pavel Brazdil,
Alipio Jorge
Induction with subtheory selection and abduction
Marc Denecker,
Bern Martens,
Luc De Raedt
On the difference between abduction and induction: a model theoretic perspective
F. Esposito, E. Lamma,
D. Malerba, P. Mello,
M. Milano, F. Riguzzi,
G. Semeraro
Learning abductive logic programs
Peter Flach Abduction and induction: syllogistic and inferential perspectives
Eric Gregoire,
Lakhdar Sais
Inductive reasoning is sometimes deductive
John Josephson Inductive generalisations are abductions (slides are here)
Nicolas Lachiche,
Pierre Marquis
Abduction, induction and completion policies
Engelbert Mephu Nguifo Abduction and induction in learning tasks: which needs the other?
Erich Prem The referential basis of abduction and logic
Stathis Psillos Ampliative reasoning: induction or abduction?
Ch. Vrain,
D. Laurent
Updates, induction and abduction in deductive databases
Yannis Dimopoulos,
Antonis Kakas
Abduction and induction: an AI perspective

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