Representation issues in reasoning and learning

Area Meeting of CompulogNet Area "Computational Logic and Machine Learning"

Prague, 20 September 1997

in conjunction with the Seventh International Workshop on Inductive Logic Programming ILP-97

Contributed papers and schedule

11:10 Opening
11:20 Luc De Raedt: Logical settings for concept-learning
12:05 Simon Anthony and Alan M. Frisch: Using meta-languages for learning
12:30 Lunch break
14:00 Ashwin Srinivasan: Five lessons in representation based on the application of ILP
14:45 Fabrizio Riguzzi: Using Abductive Logic Programming as a representation formalism for ILP
15:10 A.F. Bowers, C. Giraud-Carrier, C. Kennedy, J.W. Lloyd, R. MacKinney-Romero:
A framework for higher-order inductive machine learning
15:35 Coffee break
16:00 Jean-Francois Puget: ILP should upgrade from Prolog to Constraint Logic Programming
16:45 Celine Rouveirol: Representation shifts in learning
17:15 Closing

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