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Cliff Randell

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Senior Research Fellow




My research with the Mobile and Wearable Computing Group began with a period studying and building wearable computers in collaboration with Hewlett-Packard's Labs in Bristol. This research, known originally as the Bristol Wearable Computing Initiative, led to participation in the six-year Equator Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (IRC) supported by the EPSRC. We collaborated with seven other major U.K. Universities exploring the integration of physical and digital environments. The IRC enabled us to further develop our expertise in body-worn sensors, and in particular we designed and built many ultrasonic positioning and tracking systems. The group's work is extensively documented in our publications.

More recently as part of an IAS Fellowship, I have been continuing my research into sensors in collaboration with Stan Wijnans. We have developed a low cost tracking system suitable for a dancer to interact with Max/MSP, creating spatialised soundscapes controlled by body movements. I have also been working with Tom Bennett at The Pervasive Media Studio on the If Only ... Project using a variety of sensors to create educational games mediated by iPhones.


cliff at cs.bris.ac.uk

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