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I love to go walking whenever I can especially when there are big mountains involved. I started doing the Duke of Edinburgh awards when I was 14, getting my bronze award. Then I progressed to my silver and eventually my gold which I undertook in Poland. The photo imediately below is of me and my friend at St. James' Palace getting our Gold awards, which were presented by the Duke himself.

I have had some interesting times whilst I've been on expeditions around the world - not all pleasant!! I've had hyperthermia twice, once in the Lake Districts where I was unconsious for 5 hours and had to be air-lifted off the mountain to the nearest hospital, the second time was in New Zealand but because I recognised the signs I managed to get to a hut and warm myself up again before it got too bad.

At St.James' Palace getting 
my Gold DofE award. My gold expedition in
Mt. Earnslaw, New
Zealand The Malcom Miller, Sea
of Biscay.


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