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Scuba Diving


Here are some photos of me diving. I have my advanced PADI certificate and have been lucky enough to dive all over the world from surveying the coral reef in Belize to cage diving with great whites in South Africa (just outside Cape Town) to clam diving in Scotland.

I have logged over 50 dives now of which my favourites were probably when I did a 30m wreck dive in Mauritius, when I got to stroke a conga eel under it's mouth which it seemed to like, and accidentally swimming with a 3m reef shark when I was surveying the coral reef in Belize. Luckily it had just been attracked by the noise of the bubbles and wasn't actually hungry! It is so peaceful under the water that I could stay there all day, that was if I didn't run out of air.

Me in all my scuba gear

Part of you advanced course is a deep dive and it is amazing what effects nitrogen narcosis has on you. It is like you are drunk and have no concentration at all. Part of the exercise was to perform a long multiplication and division under water and it took me ages cause I kept on forgetting where I had got to cause I would see a pretty fish and think that's nice and then remember I was doing something and have to start the maths all over again!

Me in the water Even though scuba diving is a peaceful sport sadley you have to remember that diving is still a dangerous sport. One of the girls that I surveyed the coral reef in Belize with was killed a year afterwards diving around the British coast because she panicked when she got caught up in kelp. So I definatley recommend learning to scuba dive to anyone but not to forget that water is a pretty unforgiving environment so make sure you get trained properly.

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