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Homepage of Tilo Burghardt

Dr Tilo Burghardt, Lecturer

PhD (Bristol), MSc (Bristol), Bakk Medien-Inf (Dresden)

Areas of Research

Animal Biometrics, Applied Computer Vision, Natural Patterns

Areas of Teaching

COMS30121: Image Processing & Computer Vision (unit director)
COMS20001: Concurrent Computing (unit director)
COMS10001: Programming & Algorithms II (unit director)
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Office 3.45, MVB
Woodland Road
Clifton BS8 1UB

+44 (0) 117 954 5298
tilo (at)


Academic Profile

Dr Tilo Burghardt holds a Lectureship in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bristol, UK. His research focuses on animal biometrics and applied computer vision. His interests include the robust visual detection and identification in unconstrained environments. He pioneered the study of visual recognition in the context of monitoring natural environments and contributed to establishing Visual Animal Biometrics as an emerging novel cross-discipline routed in computer vision. Burghardt's enthusiasm for computer science is reflected in his hands-on approach to teaching the subject. 

He currently works with international partners at the intersection between computer vision and the sciences. Specific applications of his work have led to the use of computer vision for monitoring endangered animal populations in their natural habitat.

His research has reached out to the general public via the international press, science exhibitions and national television. His work contributed to the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures and the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition. He participated in the 'Best of Bristol Lectures 2013', and has been local organizer of the International Penguin Conference 2013 and the European Conference of Machine Learning 2012. He chaired the British Machine Vision Conference 2013. 

Burghardt graduated with Distinction in Media Computing (Bakk. Medien-Inf.) at Dresden University of Technology (Germany). Subsequently, he received an MSc in Advanced Computing and PhD in Computer Vision from the University of Bristol (UK). After initial post-doctoral research at the School of Physics, he was awarded a Fellowship of the Research Councils UK and then became employed as a Lecturer (2012-present) at the Visual Information Laboratory and the Intelligent Systems Laboratory at the University of Bristol. Burghardt is a member of the British Machine Vision Association (BMVA) and the German Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes).

All Units Taught (past and present)

COMS10001: Programming & Algorithms II (unit director)
COMS12800: Introduction to C++ (unit director)
COMS20001: Concurrent Computing (unit director)
COMS20600: Concurrency (unit director)
COMS22201: Language Engineering
COMS30121: Image Processing & Computer Vision (unit director)
EMATM0009: Complexity in Engineering and Science
COMSM2202: Research Skills
COMSM3100: MSc Advanced Project
COMSM3201: MSc Project Computer Science

Research Students:

Ben Hughes (PhD Student)
Roz Sandwell (PhD Student)


Simon Harding (RA)
Luke Palmer (MSc by Research)

Selected Publications