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Opera Software Give University Seminar

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07 October 2008

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Wednesday October 15, 12:00-14:00 – MVB 1.11

Opera Software is coming to Bristol University with a seminar from the developers and product managers behind Opera’s innovative desktop and Opera Mini Web browsers.

Enhance your learning about the Web, gain new perspectives on technology trends, and network with people leading the IT industry

Topics Include:

Web standards

Web standards refer to the set of technologies browsers implement to render Web pages and make the Web available to anyone, on any device, anywhere in the world. Our speakers can explain where standards come from and how they are developed, plus their significance for Web developers, users and the market as a whole. We can also provide a brief introduction current standards (like HTML4 and CSS 2.1) and important future standards (such as video for the Web, HTML5, SVG, CSS3, new DOM APIs and so on), often from the very people who are creating these standards.

History and future directions of the Web

The Web has been in a constant state of evolution, and continues to break new ground. Opera Software can discuss the Web’s humble beginnings in the 1960s, to the addition of graphics and video, through to the dot-com boom and bust, and advances into browsing on mobile phones and other devices. Our speakers can provide insight into the major future trends, from the growth of browsing with mobiles and other non-traditional devices, to the increasing importance of rich applications.

Mobile Web browsing

Mobile browsing is the new way to explore the Web, and for many, especially in emerging countries, it is the sole way to access the Web. However the Web is on many more devices than just a few phones, and that diversity is growing. Learn more about mobile usage trends in your country and how they compare to trends in other regions of the world, and about the history of mobile browsing and the role it plays in developing countries. Discover how the growth of browsing on a wide range of devices is changing the Web of today and the future. Our speakers can also provide some insight on how to develop content and applications for the "ubiquitous Web".

Browser industry

Web browsers are an important piece of technology to interact with all the information on the Web. The Web today has different requirements from a decade ago. Many companies in this highly-competitive industry are working hard on browser performance, efficiency and security. Browsers are expanding their offerings and also taking over functionality so far provided by plug-ins.


Bruce Lawson is a Web Evangelist for Opera. His main interests are how the Web can improve the lives of people with disbilities and in developing countries. He's been involved in promoting Web Standards since 2001, and works with the Web Standards Project. He co-wrote the industry standard book on Web accessibility and is currently on the committee drafting the forthcoming British Standard for commissioning accessible Web sites.

Roberto Mateu is a Product Manager at Opera Software. Prior to joining Opera he earned an MBA and a Master of Science in Information Systems at Boston University. During his time in Boston he also worked at, a startup later acquired by Adobe Systems. In a previous life he was an assistant brand manager in Procter & Gamble Latin America and had a tech consulting and web development quasi-company in Venezuela.