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Launch of OpenSCA: A Side Channel Analysis Toolbox for Academia and Industry

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18 September 2008

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Side channel analysis is an increasingly important tool in the security analysis of secure tokens such as smart cards, SIM cards, e-passports and the future identity cards. Bristol is home to one of the world experts in this area, namely Elisabeth Oswald, and she is helping to share her expertise via this Open Source project.

The aims of this project are to facilitate side-channel attacks and to provide
traces for testing newly developed attacks. The toolbox consists of two core object that handle attacks and data, and a number of functions that facilitate processing of data, plotting of results, and computing cryptographic algorithms.

Further, to demonstrate how to use the toolbox, several demos are available.
The demos show how to use the objects and functions based on real world data. As all Matlab scripts are freely available, it is easily possible to modify demos, and hence to create new attacks, and test out new things.

Because of the open source nature of this project, everybody is welcome to contribute. Feel free to contact us in order to contribute functions, objects, or demos, or to report back errors and problems.

The toolbox is hosted on
Sourceforge under the Academic Free Licence.

Inputs and Traces for the toolbox demostrations can be downloaded from
Elisabeth's website. They must be copied into the corresponding folders after the toolbox has been installed.