Student Shortlisted for SET Award for the Best IT Student

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09 September 2008

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We are proud to announce that Jason Mayes has been shortlisted to the final three students for the IET Award for the Best IT Student judged by the Institution of Engineering and Technology. 

The Science, Engineering & Technology Student of the Year Awards are established as Britain's most important awards for science and engineering undergraduates. The Awards are presented at a ceremony before an audience comprising of hundreds of technology students, academics, senior industry executives; as well as senior figures from government, scientific and technical institutions, and the media in London on the 26th September 2008.

Jason graduated from our four year MEng in Computer Science here at Bristol University with a First-class honours classification. He implemented a first class project, which was novel in its implementation and as such he has had interest in it from several external companies. He was thus also nominated for the Innovative Web Applications Prize for his project, awarded on behalf of Sportplan Ltd, which he won.

Not only did Jason perform academically well in his project he also showed enthusiasm and flair in his taught units throughout his time here, regularly coming in the top 5 of his class. For example in final year he won first prize for the highest accuracy in spam filtering for the Introduction to Machine Learning Module, which had 52 students on it. His classifier achieved 99% accuracy on an unseen test set using a modification of the Bayes algorithm, which scored him an outstanding mark of 95% for this piece of coursework.

Uniquely Jason has also made a lasting contribution for the student body and the social life of the Computer Science Department here at Bristol University. In addition to being very active on our internal departmental forums offering advice to fellow students, Jason also volunteered his much valued support on our departmental admissions days. He has also been heavily involved with the Computer Science Society, a student-led social body which Jason was also instrumental in getting setup, and of which he was the first Web Technologies Officer. He achieved all of this whilst accomplishing his great academic marks.

He has provided an outstanding voluntary service to our department as true ambassador for Computer Science, always given help, mentoring and motivation to his fellow students throughout his time in our department, as well as academically being an excellent Computer Science student and thus we believe that Jason is a great candidate for the 2008 Best Information Technology Student SET award and hope that the Institution of Engineering and Technology will also recognise this on the 26th September.

For more information on the SET Awards please see here.