ARM in Bristol

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09 May 2008

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April 28th saw a guest lecture by Joe Bungo, Senior Applications Engineer at
ARM, to a 90 person audience from the COMS12200 Introduction to Computer
Architecture unit, and selected staff and students from elsewhere. The
lecture described the architecture and use of ARM processor cores, whose design originates in the UK and which plays a major role in embedded applications
such as mobile phones.

Bungo was please with the high level of interest and stated "Bristol as a
region has a wealth of microelectronic industry, University of Bristol
students have exactly the type of inquisitive minds we'd like to become
versed with this and future generations of ARM products".

As a result of the visit, ARM have donated a total of forty Evaluator-7T
development boards to the Department for use by students. Each board
represents a highly capable embedded platform and including a Samsung
KS32C50100 micro controller, built around the ARM7TDMI core, serial interfaces
and a seven-segment LED display. As well as being ideal for student projects,
the boards will enable students to move away from using simulated hardware
and toward experimentation with physical devices in Computer Architecture
related units.

Prof. Nigel Smart, the Head of Department, said "we appreciate the investment in
time and equipment ARM have made and hope this relationship will be long
lasting as our new MSc in Advanced Microelectronic Systems Engineering and
the University of Bristol Centre of Excellence in Microelectronics both
gather pace".