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Widening participation through robot programming

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28 February 2008

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This month was the annual robot programming event, organized once a year for local students aged around 15-17. The general aim is to encourage more students to go to University through a series of challenging tasks and events.

Inspired by the world's first autonomous mobile robots, made here in Bristol by Dr Grey Walter in the 1950s, the challenge was to program a robot to find a torch placed randomly within an arena while negotiating obstacles (and other robots).

Students had little more than 2hrs to get familiar with the robots, the programming environment and the task.

It is a rewarding and fun activity that we look forward to repeating.

See more details and a video in this page.

The event is organized by Dr Walterio Mayol with the help of Andy Mackintosh (EngMaths), Tom Banwell, Pished Bunnun and Jose Martinez. Done in collaboration with the Widening Participation Office.