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Bristol Cryptographer Gives Invited Talk at EuroCrypt

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28 April 2017

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On May 2nd Prof. Nigel Smart will give a prestigious invited talk at the EuroCrypt conference in Paris. Prof. Smart's talk will be on "Living Between the Ideal and Real Worlds", and will discuss lessons learned in turning the topic of Multi-Party Computation from a theoretical endeavour into a practical reality. Prof. Smart's work in this field started around ten years ago when he conducted the first experiment in performing a fully secure computation between two parties. The execution times at that point in time were awful, for even simple functions. Now complex functions can be evaluated at amazing speeds; so much so that various organizations and companies are now working to commercialise and deploy the technology.

EuroCrypt is one of the premier academic conferences in Cryptology. Held each year in a different city in Europe. This years event is being held in Paris from April 30th to May 4th. The conference covers all aspects of cryptology, from theory to applications; and each year two distinguished people are invited to give a talk on a topic of their choice.

Details of the conference can be found at the website: EuroCrypt is organized by the IACR, the International Association for Cryptologic Research.