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Bristol Crypto Group has four papers in Asiacrypt 2014

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08 December 2014

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This week Asiacrypt 2014 is taking place in Taiwan. Out of the 55 papers being presented four are from the Bristol Cryptography Research group.

Two of the papers are related to side channel analysis:

"Simulatable Leakage: Analysis, Pitfalls, and new Constructions" by Jake Longo, Daniel P. Martin, Elisabeth Oswald, Daniel Page, Martijn Stam and Michael J. Tunstall


"Multi-target DPA attacks: Pushing DPA beyond the limits of a desktop computer" by
Luke Mather, Elisabeth Oswald, and Carolyn Whitnall.

Whilst two are related to Multi-Party Computation:

"Actively Secure Private Function Evaluation" by Payman Mohassel, Saeed Sadeghian and Nigel P. Smart.


"Efficient, Oblivious Data Structures for MPC" by Marcel Keller and Peter Scholl.

Details of the conference can be found at the conference web site