1st Annual Computer Science Christmas Lecture

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09 December 2011

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This year's Computer Science Christmas Lecture will be given by Dr Tilo Burghardt entitled "Pixels, Patterns, Penguins: A Journey from Turing's last Paper to Animal Biometrics". Expect an engaging talk with live demos and a few surprising insights. The lecture will be held in the Pugsley Lecture Theatre on Wednesday 14th of December at 2pm. Come along, everybody is welcome!

In 1952, Alan Turing wrote his last paper. He suggested that stable complex patterns can emerge from chaotic systems. A decade later, Peter Scott in Slimbridge realised that Bewick's swans can be identified by their unique bill patterns, starting one of the world’s longest‐running single species studies.

Today, at the advent of the Turing Centenary 2012, computers can be
trained to detect and recognise individual animals from videos recorded in their
natural habitat. These systems exploit the principles pioneered by Turing and
Scott for the study and conservation of species. The emerging, interdisciplinary subject is known as Animal Biometrics.

This talk takes a journey that traces ideas in this field from ancient
times to today, illustrating current challenges with live demos and a few
surprising insights...

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