Energy Aware COmputing (EACO): International Workshop to set a Research Agenda, 13/14 July 2011, MVB

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09 July 2011

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The Energy Aware COmputing (EACO) workshop series is run by the μ research group and supported by the University of Bristol Institute for Advanced Studies. It's aim is to bring together researchers and engineers with interests in energy-aware computing for discussions to identify intellectual challenges that can be developed into collaborative research projects. We strive to go significantly beyond the current state of the art.

This year the EACO series consists of three workshops. The first took place on Wednesday 25th May. A summary of the workshop, including attendees, proposed intellectual challenges and objectives moving forward, is available as a PDF.

EACO Workshop part two - July 2011

The second workshop in the series is taking place across the 13th and 14th July. There will be representation from several international universities and from industry. Guest speakers include Prof Luis Ceze, University of Washington (US), Dr Tim Jones, University of Cambridge, Mr Geza Lore, ARM Holdings Ltd and Prof Peter Marwedel, TU Dortmund (Germany).

See the 2nd EACO workshop agenda (PDF) for full details. If you would like to attend and have not already been invited, please use the booking system to request an invite.

A summary of the second workshop will be published after it has taken place and details of the third workshop will be made available thereafter.