IAS funding for Workshop on Energy-Aware COmputing (EACO)

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19 May 2011

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Energy efficiency is now a major (if not the major) concern in electronic systems engineering. It has recently become clear that, while hardware can be designed to save a modest amount of energy, far greater savings can be achieved with energy-consumption-aware algorithms and software. This is a challenge that requires a good understanding of the requirements of applications, ranging from pervasive computing in health care, via robotics to the large scale complex IT systems that enable cloud computing, coupled with an analysis of the wider impact on sustainability and end-user behaviour. In addition, valuable contributions may be discovered by investigating alternative models for energy efficient computation such as those inspired by biology.

Dr Kerstin Eder and Prof David May have secured funding from the Institute for Advanced Studies to run a series of three workshops on Energy-Aware COmputing. These workshops bring together researchers with a common interest in pushing the boundaries of energy-aware computing. The aim of the workshop series is to develop a new cross-disciplinary research initiative on Energy-Aware COmputing at the University of Bristol.

Further information on the workshops can be found in the EACO webpage