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Dr Martijn Stam joins the department

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01 February 2011

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Today sees the arrival of Dr Martijn Stam as a new lecturer in our Cryptography research group. Martijn has been interested in cryptography from a very early age, starting with rather naive substitution ciphers using exotic alphabets and simple letter shuffling. Things became more serious when he started his MSc studies in Mathematics at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (Netherlands) where he specialized in cryptography and finished with a Master's project on  electronic voting (conducted at BT Labs, UK).

He continued at the Technische Universiteit Einhoven, obtaining his PhD in 2003 under supervision of Prof. Arjen K. Lenstra. His thesis deals with speeding up subgroup cryptosystems, a topic he continued to work on after joining the University of Bristol as a postdoc. There he also started to branch out to other areas of cryptology, including post-quantum cryptosystems. In January 2006 he moved to EPFL, Switzerland to be reunited with his former PhD supervisor. At EPFL he established himself as an well respected independent researcher, building a reputation for his work on various theoretical aspects of hash functions.

Barely three months ago he moved to Royal Holloway, University of London to work
with Prof. Paterson on bridging the gap between practice and theory of cryptography. But today, after an absence of five years, he returns to Bristol
as a lecturer in Computer Science. We welcome Martijn back and hope he enjoys his himself here as much as he did five years ago.