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Computer Science Student showcases crowd interaction at Glastonbury 2010

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30 June 2010

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Stephen Beckett, a Computer Science graduate this year, was commissioned to create an interactive application for the BBC / Cultural Olympiad Big Screens project at the Glastonbury Festival 2010. 

The application he created, called 'LoopFrogs', allows users to move or dance behind six virtual frogs in order to generate music, the more energetically they dance in regions of the screen, the more emphasis is placed on certain aspects of the generated music.

Steve said “This commission was a really exciting opportunity, as it drew directly on the experience I had gained from my final year dissertation on how groups and crowds interact with systems in public settings. Also to be given the opportunity to work with a number of well known interaction designers, artists and developers while at Glastonbury was an invaluable experience. The LoopFrogs application went down well with the huge Glastonbury crowds, making daily appearances on the screens, and I look forward to furthering my experience in the field of interaction in future projects."

For more information about the LoopFrogs project including videos of
the application in use, see Stephen's blog and the 2010 Village Screen Blog.