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Royal Academy of Engineering Industrial Secondment

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03 June 2010

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Dr Kerstin Eder has been awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Industrial Secondment to work with XMOS on "State of the Art Power-Aware System Design". From October 2010 onwards Dr Eder will be working for one year alongside engineers at XMOS investigating energy efficient system design from silicon to software.

While hardware designers make every effort to conserve both static and dynamic power, it has become clear that the biggest power savings can be made when the software executing on processors is power-aware. Hence, by measuring power consumption data on the hardware, and by enabling the compiler, optimiser and software engineer to use this data, a better power profile can be attained, whilst maintaining a simple design flow.

The secondment is hosted by XMOS and will bring a fresh insight into the effectiveness of the power-saving features on the XMOS chip, especially when it comes to energy-efficient application software development.

To ensure the knowledge gained can be utilized for teaching and also for research in the future, Cadence Design Systems, a leading EDA tool provider, are supporting this secondment and in particular the knowledge transfer back into the university with state-of-the-art EDA tool licenses for our labs.