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Seminar on Industry Trends in Advanced Functional Verification

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26 March 2010

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The Chief Verification Scientist at Mentor Graphics, Harry Foster, is visiting Dr Kerstin Eder at the Computer Science Department on Friday, 30th April 2010, to discuss an ongoing joint research project. He will give the Microelectronics Seminar at 13:00 in 1.11 MVB entitled "Industry Trends in Advanced Functional Verification".

Today, many forces at play contribute to the gap between what we can
fabricate (silicon capacity) and what we have time to design. In
addition, there are forces at play that contribute to a gap between what
we can design and what we realistically have time to verify (within a
project's schedule). Nonetheless, we tape out complex systems all the
time. Hence, the question arises, is the productivity gap real? And if
so, what can we do to minimize its effects? This talk provides a
statistical analysis of today's industry trends in the adoption of
advanced functional verification (AFV) techniques, and then offers new
models for improving AFV maturity within an organization.

Harry Foster is Chief Verification Scientist for Mentor Graphics. Prior
to EDA, Harry has researched and developed functional verification tools
and methodologies for over 12 years as a senior member of the CAD
technical staff at Hewlett-Packard, and was an ASIC and board design
engineer for 5 years at TI. Harry currently serves as chair of the
Accellera Formal Verification Technical Committee, and chair of the IEEE
1850 Property Specification Language (PSL) working group. He is
co-author of five books on verification. Harry holds multiple patents in
functional verification. He is the original creator of the Accellera
Open Verification Library (OVL) assertion monitor standard, and was the
2006 recipient of the Accellera Technical Excellence Award for his
contributions to industry standards.