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Department receives £1M for research in Cryptography and Sustainable Computing

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26 March 2010

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The department has been awarded around £1M for research activities in Cryptography and Sustainable Computing systems.

Prof Nigel Smart, Head of our Cryptography group, has been awarded two grants (£650k), a Google Research Award and an EPSRC grant alongside Dr Bogdan Warinschi (in collaboration with HP Labs, IBM and Trend Micro) to investigate privacy and attestation technologies. The goal of this research is to examine cryptographic protocols that enable authentication of parties, whilst preserving anonymity. For example group signature schemes allow one to sign on behalf of a group of users, without revealing ones identity; however by use of a mechanism to revoke anonymity one can still preserve accountability.

Dr Chris Preist has been awarded an EPSRC grant (£350k) under the EPSRC 'Transforming Energy Demand through Digital Innovation' programme to assess how digital technology could transform the newspaper industry over the next 10 years, and the resulting impact on climate and energy use that such transformations may bring. The SYMPACT project, led by Dr Chris Preist in Computer Science and Dr Mike Yearworth in the Systems Centre, will partner with Guardian News and Media and the University of Surrey Centre for Environmental Strategy to build models of different future scenarios as to how the news industry might look as a result of digital technology innovations. The modelling approach will integrate life-cycle assessment techniques into systems approaches, allowing the combination of quantitative energy and emissions analyses with more speculative models of technological and behavioural change, such as models of the shift from paper to online news reading or the uptake of electronic reader devices.

The department would also like to congratulate Dr Kerstin Eder, on the award of a Royal Academy of Engineering Industrial Fellowship with XMOS Ltd, and Dr Mike Fraser on the award of a University Research Fellowship.