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ERC starting grant awarded to Dr. Subramanian for his project INTERACT
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The European Research Council starting grant awarded Dr. Subramanian EUR 1.4 million to investigate touch based interactive systems. The grand challenge of his project is to develop integrated multi-point surfaces that include multiple touch points and reconfigurable ‘true-3D’ content for a walk-up and use scenario.

Demystifying Robotics
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Twelve year 9 children from Nailsea School spend the afternoon acting as stakeholders for a novel product being developed by 6 groups of University students that will demystify robotic concepts for children. Even at this early stage when discussing some initial ideas for the product the children became really excited and asked “why can’t we be taught this at school."

Student's winning pay on demand solution may change the way we are charged for online gaming
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A pioneering student from the Department of Computer Science is set to change the way we pay for online game servers.

PhD Student selected to talk at International Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology Conference
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This years International conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) will be held in Vienna. Amongst the many high profile speakers Adam Sarder a PhD Student in the Intelligent Systems Group has had his work selected from about one thousand poster entries to give a talk at the conference on his work on Horizontal Gene Transfer in the Darwinian Tree of Life.

ERC Advanced Grant for Prof. Nigel Smart
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Professor Nigel Smart in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bristol has been awarded a major European Research Council grant, of over 2 million Euros, for his project 'Cryptographic Research Involving Practical and Theoretical Outlooks'.

Prof. Majid Mirmehdi appointed Editor-in-Chief at IET Computer Vision
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Prof. Majid Mirmehdi has been appointed Editor-in-Chief at IET Computer Vision starting on January 1st, 2012.

Taking the pulse of security
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In the Summer 2011 edition of the IISPs Pulse magazine Prof. Nigel Smart charts the development and future direction of cryptographic research.

Energy Aware COmputing (EACO): International Workshop to set a Research Agenda, 13/14 July 2011, MVB
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The second in a series of EACO workshops will be held on 13/14 July 2011 in Room 0.01 MVB. International guest speakers and key participants from the local microelectronic design industry will join the members of the microelectronics research group and other academics in the Department of Computer Science to identify Intellectual Challenges in energy-aware computing.

Dr Georg Fuchsbauer wins prize for PhD Thesis
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Dr Georg Fuchsbauer, a postdoctoral researcher in the Cryptography group at the University of Bristol, has won a Europe-wide award for his recent PhD thesis (obtained whilst he was at ENS-Paris) on "Automorphic Signatures and Applications".

Public engagement output from Cryptography group reviewed by Computing at School (CAS) group
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A short book explaining foundational topics in Computer Science via their relationship with Mathematics, and more specifically Information Security, has been reviewed by the national Computing at School (CAS) group.

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