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New CSS Committee organise Big Summer Social, Friday 11th June
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After a successful year of sell-out events in the Computer Science department, the newly elected CSS hope to continue this trend by ending the current academic year with a gigantic summer social event.

Making fully homomorphic encryption more practical
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In Paris this week Prof Nigel Smart will be presenting a paper which make a step towards a fully practical system to compute on encrypted data. The paper will be presented at the 13th IACR workshop on Public Key Cryptography. This work could eventually have impacts on areas as diverse as database access, electronic and electronic voting.

Dr. Mike Fraser to give Twilight Talk on the future of personal computers
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The next of the Centre for Public Engagement's Twilight Talks will be given by Dr Mike Fraser of Department of Computer Science at the Watershed Media Centre on the 3rd June.

Erik Reinhard invited to deliver keynote at the Eurographics main conference
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The Eurographics Association has invited Erik Reinhard to deliver a keynote speech at the Eurographics main conference, which will be held in Norrköping, May 3-7, 2010. The Eurographics conference is one of the top conferences in computer graphics.

Theory researchers present five papers at BCTCS 2010
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Algorithms and theory researchers at Bristol University have been accepted to give five talks at the British Colloquium for Theoretical Computer Science (BCTCS) 2010 in Edinburgh.

Royal Academy of Engineering Industrial Secondment
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Dr Kerstin Eder has been awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Industrial Secondment to work with XMOS on "State of the Art Power-Aware System Design". From October 2010 onwards Dr Eder will be working for one year alongside engineers at XMOS investigating energy efficient system design from silicon to software.

Bristol promotes interactive learning in India
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Dr Sri Subramanian from the Department of Computer Science has been leading a project examining the use of interactive technology in school classrooms in India.

Heilbronn Quantum Algorithms Day
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The Heilbronn Quantum Algorithms Day will be held on 18th May 2010 in the Nanoscience and Quantum Information Centre at the University of Bristol. The aim of this colloquium is to showcase recent research in quantum algorithms; the day will consist of five invited talks and a poster session.

MM made IAPR Fellow
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Prof. Majid Mirmehdi has been elected as an IAPR Fellow.

Seminar on Industry Trends in Advanced Functional Verification
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The Chief Verification Scientist at Mentor Graphics, Harry Foster, is visiting Dr Kerstin Eder at the Computer Science Department on Friday, 30th April 2010, to discuss an ongoing research collaboration funded by Mentor Graphics. He will give the Microelectronics Seminar at 13:00 in 1.11 MVB entitled "Industry Trends in Advanced Functional Verification".

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