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School Colloquium: Sir Kingman Festschrift celebration
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Festschrift Presentation by Peter Donnelly FRS FMedSci, Director of the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics and Professor of Statistical Science, University of Oxford

What’s on your computer’s mind?
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A team led by Paul Howard-Jones and Rafal Bogacz scanned the brains of players as they battled against an artificial opponent in a computer game. When players were observing their computer competitor make selections, the players’ brains were activated as if they were performing these actions themselves. It has been suggested that such "mirror neurons responses" help to read intentions of others.

Cryptography and Information Security Group hosts successful student internships
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The Cryptography and Information Security Group hosted three successful "student internships" over the summer.

New €3.2 million project aims to build computers that can learn from us
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Computer systems which can learn from us and then help to carry out complex tasks may become a reality thanks to new research being carried out by the Computer Vision Group as part of a €3.2 million project funded by the European Union.

MSc student gives a presentation at The Multicore Challenge
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Kyriakos Georgiou, a current MSc student, is presenting the results of his MSc project at "The Multicore Challenge" conference to be held in Bristol on 14 September 2010. The project evaluates a new coverage metric for the verification of message-passing multi-threaded code. The research is supervised by Dr Kerstin Eder in collaboration with Dr Mike Bartley (TVS).

Bristol Professor's report for BECTA on Cloud Computing in UK schools is published
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BECTA, the UK government agency responsible for advising on IT in schools education, has published a report on Cloud Computing, authored by Bristol Professor of Computer Science, Dave Cliff. The report is a non-technical overview of current cloud computing and future possibilities, intended to be read by school-teachers and school IT managers.

Public Lecture on Alan M. Turing - October 13th - 6pm
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The creation of the Intelligent Systems Laboratory of the UoB will be marked by a public lecture by Dr. Andrew Hodges on Alan M. Turing, at 6pm on Oct 13th, in the Wills Memorial Building.

UKESF Industrial Studentships for Computer Science and Electronics Students
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UKESF is offering scholarships to students studying Computer Science and Electronics degrees at the UKESF partner universities, Bristol being one of them. Scholarships are open to students in any year of their Computer Science and Electronics degree, except the final year.

EPSRC Summer Vacation Bursary funded “I Robot...and Beyond” Project
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Elena Corina Grigore, a 2nd year Computer Science student, has been working at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory for 10 weeks this summer on a research project entitled "I Robot...and Beyond" funded by an EPSRC Summer Vacation Bursary. The project explored how useful behavioural adaptations in human-assistive robots can be kept within safe boundaries.

Department wins bid to host High Performance Computing conference in 2011
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The University of Bristol's Computer Science department is to host Europe's largest high performance computing conference focusing on the emerging technologies of many-core parallel processors and reconfigurable computing.

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