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Dr Martijn Stam joins the department
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Today sees the arrival of Dr Martijn Stam as a new lecturer in our Cryptography research group.

Innovation and Algorithmic Trading Event at UCL
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New exciting event on the topic of *Innovation & Algorithmic Trading* at UCL on 23rd February 2011.

David May wins lifetime achievement award
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David May FRS FREng, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Bristol, as well as Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of spin-out semiconductor company XMOS, was presented with a lifetime achievement award at the 2010 Elektra Electronics Industry Awards in London on 9 December.

Summer Internships in Cryptography
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Cryptography has quickly become a central and popular theme within degree programmes at the University of Bristol. Funded in part by research projects, the cryptography research group is offering several "internships" for summer 2010/11 for Bristol undergraduate students.

Bristol Professor's report for BECTA on Cloud Computing in UK schools is published
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BECTA, the UK government agency responsible for advising on IT in schools education, has published a report on Cloud Computing, authored by Bristol Professor of Computer Science, Dave Cliff. The report is a non-technical overview of current cloud computing and future possibilities, intended to be read by school-teachers and school IT managers.

Workshop on Risk Perception, Psychology and Economics of Information Security
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On Feb 17 Bristol will be hosting a Workshop on "Risk Perception, Psychology and Economics of Information Security: A Multi-Methodological Exploration".

Nigel Smart to give invited talk at BCTCS 2010
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Prof. Nigel Smart will be giving one of the six invited talks at this years British Colloquium for Theoretical Computer Science.

Dagstuhl Seminar:Secure Computing in the Cloud
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Prof Nigel Smart is co-organizing a Dagstuhl meeting on "Secure Computing in the Cloud" in 2011, along with Benny Pinkas (U. Haifa) and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi (Bochum)

School Colloquium: Sir Kingman Festschrift celebration
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Festschrift Presentation by Peter Donnelly FRS FMedSci, Director of the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics and Professor of Statistical Science, University of Oxford

What’s on your computer’s mind?
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A team led by Paul Howard-Jones and Rafal Bogacz scanned the brains of players as they battled against an artificial opponent in a computer game. When players were observing their computer competitor make selections, the players’ brains were activated as if they were performing these actions themselves. It has been suggested that such "mirror neurons responses" help to read intentions of others.

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