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Introduction to GPU Programming with OpenCL, May 25-26, 2011

This will be a 2-day hands-on introduction to many-core programming using OpenCL. The course structure is based on a Cuda course created by Prof. Mike Giles at the University of Oxford (Mike is the lead Cuda developer in the UK). It is assumed that you will have some proficiency with C/C++. No prior experience with parallel computing is required, though some familiarity with OpenMP or MPI may be an advantage.

The course consists of a mix of lectures and practicals. The aim is that by the end of the course you will be able to write relatively simple OpenCL programs. You should also be in a position to continue learning through the OpenCL resources available on-line.


The course is being sponsored by HECToR and held at NAG's main Oxford office. See here for travel directions.

Preliminary Reading

Please bring a printed copy of the Nvidia's OpenCL Programming Guide version 3.2 and read chapters 1 and 2. I'd also recommend printing out a colour copy of the OpenCL quick reference card. We'll be using v1.0 of OpenCL for which the reference card is here.

OpenCL is an extension of C, so if you are a little rusty with C/C++ you should refresh your memory of it.

Additional References


Wednesday the 25th: Thursday the 26th:


The practicals will use the HECToR GPU cluster, working under Linux -- additional information is available here.
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