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Toshiba Prize


Previous Winners

2010-11 Toby Smith
2008-9 Steven Kerrison
This prize is awarded to the best CSE student achieving at least a first class degree.

Since its inception in 1998, the Telecommunications Research Laboratory (TRL) has been at the cutting edge of research into technologies for next generation cellular, wireless local and personal area networks and reconfigurable device architectures. TRL works closely with colleagues in Toshiba's development laboratories to ensure a timely transfer of technology from its research phase, towards standardisation and into products.

TRL is headed by its Managing Director, Professor Joe McGeehan CBE, FREng, Professor of Communications Engineering at the University of Bristol and Director of the University's Centre for Communications Research.

In 2009 this Undergraduate prize was a Toshiba netbook. From 2011 onwards this prize has moved into the EE department.