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Bank of America Merrill Lynch Prize: Top 5 1st Year Students in Computer Science (G400,G401,G402 and G403)


Latest Winners

2015-16 Isabelle Newsham
Marco-Iulian Goie
Stefan Klas
Jamie Terry
Jamie Luxford
This prize is for the top five 1st year students on Computer Science degrees (G400/G401/G402/G403), with each student achieving at least 70% overall.

Each student will receive a £250 Amazon gift voucher.

Previous Winners

2014-15 Ngoc Khanh Nguyen, Bogdan-Adrian Manghiuc, Michael Aldridge, Samuel Coward, Roshen Pabari
2013-14 Ben Allpass, Andrei Poenaru, Kiran Hampal, Grzegorz Pawelczak, William Price
2012-13 Hazel Doughty, Alistair Wick, Sahaj Sawhney, George Field and Chris Tyas