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Tom Gower Fewtrell Prize

Tom Gower Fewtrell

Previous Winners

2013-14 Tom McGiveron
2012-13 Debanjan Bhattacharyya
2010-11 Oliver Moolan-Feroze
2009-10 David Hanwell
2008-9 Gareth Lloyd
2007-8 Christopher Perry
2006-7 Adam Dimmick
The Tom Gower Fewtrell Prize is to be given to the best overall student in the MSc in Computer Science course.

Tom studied for a MSc in Computer Science in 1999/2000 and gained a Commendation. He had a great future ahead of him, but sadly his life was cut short and he died in August 2006. He was an intelligent, caring, fun loving person and a wonderful son and brother. His mother and sister have kindly donated this prize to honour his memory.

This prize will be awarded annually and has a value of £250.