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Surface Inspection Ltd. Prize

Surface Inspection

Previous Winners

2010-11 Oliver Moolan-Feroze
Socrates Efstratiou
2009-10 David Hanwell
Naiwen Zhang
2008-9 Tasos Papastylianou
Ioannis Kaloskampis
2007-8 Christopher Evans
Anete Piebalga
2006-7 Maria Nigianni
Yufeng Zhang
2005-6 Sarah Goodway
Renato Salas
Jia Wei
2004-5 Yilin Su
2003-4 Marc Ramsdale
Tilo Burghardt
Tariq Rashid
This prize is given in the area of Image Processing.

Surface Inspection Ltd is the world leader in the development, manufacture and supply of automatic inspection systems for the ceramic tile industry. These specialised machine vision systems acquire and process digital images of tiles in order to grade the tile quality and sort them by shade. Our expanding R&D group in Bristol works to develop new products, increase the functionality of existing products, and identify and apply innovative techniques which can help improve performance and ease of use.

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The value of this Postgraduate prize is £500 however it is normally shared between a couple of students.