SN Systems Ltd. (Sony Interactive Entertainment) prize

SN Systems


2016-17 Dacre Capstick
2015-16 Jamie Maddocks
2014-15 Thomas Mortensson
2013-14 Miranda Aperghis
2012-13 Mihai-Radu Olteanu
2011-12 Dan Curran
The Console Tools Specialist

SN Systems is part of the Sony Interactive Entertainment R&D team creating the technology game developers use to make great PlayStation® video games. SN Systems has created the programming tools used on every PlayStation® home and portable platform. The company has built a reputation for understanding and meeting the needs of game developers, by creating innovative software and providing first-class support.

This prize is awarded to the best software development tool related project that, in the opinion of the judges, either: The prize of a new PlayStation®4 (PS4) is open to 3rd or 4th year Computer Science students.