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BAE Systems Prize

BAE Systems


2016-17 Michael Aldridge
2015-16 Adomas VenĨkauskas
2014-15 Stephen De Mora
Nicholas Tutte
2013-14 Gianluca Di Maggio
and Tim Jones
2012-13 Nathan Baggs
and Tomas Grazys
2011-12 Christian Miles
2010-11 Christopher Strand
2009-10 Luke Mather
2008-09 Philip Stavri
2007-08 Stephen Williams
2006-07 Karn Douch
2005-06 Sergei Timakov
2004-05 Hoang Nguyen
2003-04 Chris Dods
This prize is given in the area of Security.

BAE Systems delivers information intelligence solutions to government and commercial customers. They help them collect, exploit and manage data so they can deliver critical business services more effectively and economically. They also develop solutions to strengthen national security and resilience.

BAE Systems kindly sponsor a security prize for both the Undergraduate and Postgraduate projects, each prize is worth £250.