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XMOS Prize



2016-17 Artur Gemes
2015-16 Hazel Doughty
2014-15 Benjamin Barash
2013-14 Gianluca Di Maggio
2012-13 Michael Jewell
2011-12 Ben Smithers
2010-11 Christopher Strand and Mark Caldwell
2009-10 Adam Marable
2008-09 John Bartholomew
XMOS Ltd ( develops software defined silicon devices and tools. XMOS technology enables consumer electronics equipment manufacturers to follow fashions and differentiate products rapidly at minimal cost. It eliminates the need to wait for an ASIC or SoC redesign and achieves this without the high cost or programming complexity of FPGAs.

XMOS was spun out of Bristol University in 2005 by Prof. David May and continues to collaborate closely with the university.

This Undergraduate prize is worth £250.