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Growth Intelligence Prizes


Previous Winners

'13-'14 Pablo Munoz Espada
This prize is given in the area of Machine Learning - concepts and applications.

Growth Intelligence® dramatically increases B2B marketing conversion rates using Big Data. Before Growth Intelligence® there was no real-time source of information on the activity or performance of private companies. This meant that B2B businesses were doing marketing today with last year’s information. No wonder standard outbound marketing conversion rates are < 1%.

But everything a company does leaves a digital trace on the web. Growth Intelligence® creates a fingerprint of a company by gathering this data and processes it using machine learning to produce real-time intelligence on the performance and activity of millions of firms. Growth Intelligence then accurately predicts which companies are ready to buy from which others today. We call this technology the Buyer MatrixTM.

Our clients have seen up to 14x performance boosts in marketing ROI. Try Growth Intelligence today and see what we can do for your business.

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This Postgraduate prize is worth £250.