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IPL : Best Third Year Group Project Prize


Latest Winners

'15-16 Awarded to team:
Dillon Keith Diep
Frank Hemsworth
Marc Steene
Stoil Ganev
Andrei Poenaru
Michael Bryant
Artur Gemes
IPL delivers software development, systems integration and consultancy services to customers who demand the highest standards of quality and dependability. We also develop leading edge testing tools that are used by software developers around the world. Founded in 1979 and based in our wholly owned premises in the World Heritage City of Bath, IPL now employs around 240 staff.

This prize is for the best project on COMS30400, Group Project. The value of this prize is £600 and is to be divided between the number of people in the winning group.

Previous Winners

2014-15 Awarded to: James Burnside, Alex Hill, Benjamin Elgar, Hazel Doughty, Sam Healer, Sam Whitehouse
2013-14 Awarded to: Michael Wary, Daniel Smith, Thomas Ryczanowski, Adam Renak, Charles McNeill, Benjamin Barash, Charles Anderson
2012-13 Awarded to: Baranaby Dennis, Jack Matusiewicz, Benjamin Churchman, Gareth Lewis, Matthew Whiteley
2011-12 Awarded to: Ashley Griffiths, David Wybourn, James McGuire, Jamie Barber, Jonathan Simmonds and Zlatan Bratovic
2010-11 Awarded to team Rafiki: James Edwards-Jones, Nathan John-Mcdougall, Ian Lawson, Thomas Saunders, William Williams and James de Groot
'09-10 Awarded jointly to teams Arcanine and Charizard: Andrew Stubbs, Andy Martin, Matthew Ewins, Edward Dunn, Rob Blenkinsopp, Thomas Carter, James Williams, Robert Paton, Joachim Kestner, William Judd and Joshua Fyne
2008-09 Awarded to Lee Arromba, Shivam Gadhia, Jarrod Knibbe, Andrew Royle, Matthew Warner and Timothy Wong
2007-08 Awarded to John Bartholomew, Daniel Bowen, Mark Castell and Tharinda Jinasena
2006-07 Awarded to Allan Xavier, Benjamin Organ, Jason Mayes, Jonathan Isbell and Rebecca Smith.
2005-06 Awarded jointly to two teams, Perry Gollo, Aaron Law, Frazer Richardson, Joel Sampson, David Thomas, Edward Woodcock, Adrian Osmond, Mark Pavlitski, Nicolas Smith, Scott Vivian and Ben Wynne.
2003-04Awarded to Stuart Begg, Robin Hutchings, Simon Ness, Matt Nichols, Alex Pitkin and Ben Wong