Scott Logic Best Second Year Group Project Prize

Scott Logic

Latest Winners

2015-16 Team Tigers
Rowan Kypreos
Oliver Crow
Dylan Cope
Dhruv Chauhan
Christopher Beale
Guy Aglionby
Scott Logic is a bespoke software consultancy with offices in Newcastle, Edinburgh, Bristol and London. The company was founded in 2005 by Gary Scott with the goal of building a successful software development consultancy, that prides itself on quality service and the calibre of its people. With a number of longstanding clients from a range of sectors including investment banking, financial services, energy trading and oil and gas, the company provides a broad range of services, including User Experience (UX) design, project delivery and testing.

Scott Logic has also expanded to form a product-based business, Shinobi Controls (, which specialises in creating charts and tools for use on mobile apps, both for the individual developer and in enterprise.

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This prize is for the Best Second Year Group Project on COMS20805, Software Product Engineering. This is a cash prize worth £600 split between the members of the winning team.

Previous Winners

2014-15 Awarded to Team BusinessInc: Myles Bell, Louis Ditzel, Joseph Foulds, James Hughes, Grzegorz Pawelczak, Oscar Robertson
*Prize previously sponsored by IBM (2004-2014)*
2013-14 Awarded to Team YoYo Burger: Laurie Steele, George Nash, Oliver Bates, James Baker
'12-13 Awarded to Team Lifebook: Aiden Thompson, Daniel Smith, Thomas Rumsey, Adam Renak, James Lindsay
2011-12 Awarded to Team Subramanian: Ben Churchman, Ed Latimer, David Timms, Jess McIntosh, Rupert Cobbe-Warburton and Gareth Lewis.
'10-11 Awarded to Team BoardTabla: Jamie Barber, Edward Baunton, Andrej Cvoro, Daniel Green and Zhanwen (Leonardo) Xu.
2009-10 Awarded to Team Armadillo: Jonathan Finerty, Thomas Levitt, Suparn Sapatnekar, Steven Stotter, Katarzyna Zien and Mark Tolley.
2008-09 Awarded to Team Maelstrom: Robert Blenkinsopp, Connie Boyd, Thomas Figg, Thomas Kelly, Bridget McErlean and Daniel Newton.
2007-08 Awarded to Douglas Cowie, Matthew Gaunt, Samuel Smith and Gareth Wilson.
2006-07 Awarded to Ryan Calmus, Tom Clabon, Anthony Glynn, James Hanlon and Matthew Hill.
2005-06 Awarded to Team EasyOS - Devesh Parekh, Simon Jackson, Andrew Floyer, Russell Sassoon and Rhys Godfrey.
2003-04 Awared to Team BUNS - Robert Dawes, William Doody, Chinelo Okoli, Dimitrij Phoursa, Matthew Sial Singh and Michael Wrighton.