COMSM0009 Interactive Devices (10 CP)

About the Unit

Modern interactive devices are reshaping the ways in which we interact with technology and with the world around us. This unit will introduce advanced topics in Human Computer Interaction research, with a particular emphasis on the design and development of custom interactive devices. We will cover a wide range of sensing technologies and the input and output techniques that have enabled computing systems to move beyond traditional desktop paradigms.

The unit will address topics such as:

There is no exam for this unit. Throughout the unit you will receive marks based on your participation in lab sessions and reading groups. You will also complete a major group project in which you implement an interactive device.

Learning Outcomes

Successful completion of this unit will enable you to:


The syllabus for this course will be based on recent research papers at international HCI conferences such as ACM CHI and ACM UIST. Required and recommended reading will be issued in advance of each lecture and lab session.

Methods of Feedback

Throughout the Unit students will work in project groups of five. Each groups will receive dedicated support from a Teaching Assistant with experience in designing interactive devices. Feedback will be provided on a regular basis during workshop sessions, both from Teaching Assistants and from Lecturers.

Course Director