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COMSM0007 Cryptography B (10 CP)

About the Unit

This unit builds on the foundations layed in Crypto A where the basic primitives for authentication and secrecy have been introduced. This follow-up course deals with more advanced topics, specific to modern cryptographic research. The broad range of topics range from foundational questions (e.g. what are minimal, sufficient conditions for cryptography to even exist) to practical ones (e.g. how to design and analyze e-voting systems).

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit you will be able to


The syllabus will include aspects of (but is not limited to):

Methods of Feedback

Quizzes during the lectures will be used as formative and diagnostic assessent with instant feedback.There will be fortnightly interactive feedback sessions on students' solutions of recommended problems. For the coursework, there will be individual feedforward sessions scheduled in advance of the actual submission. Further feedback on the marked work will be available upon request.

Course Director