COMS30002 Cryptography A (10 CP)

About the Unit

Cryptography is a highly interdisciplinary field, with a lengthy and interesting history stemming from Mathematical roots. Starting from historical ciphers (e.g., letter substitution etc.), the aim of this unit is to introduce various fundamentals of cryptography from a modern perspective. The main focus is design and security aspects of schemes used to ensure secrecy and authenticity; we all routinely rely on such schemes in use-cases such as network communication and storage.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit you will be able to


The syllabus will include aspects of (but is not limited to):

Methods of Feedback

There are a number of ways feedback is provided on this unit. The lectures and problem classes are designed in a way to encourage student activity and enable feedback on this activity. There will be several voluntary diagnostic and formative assessments (all non-summative). Feedback on the diagnostic is intrinsic and by means of sample solutions, feedback on the formative assessment is a mixture of peer feedback and written feedback. Additional feedback can be obtained using the standard mechanisms, such as the unit's CS forum and the lecturer's office hour.

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