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MSc in Advanced Computing MS56

This is part of the MSc in Advanced Computing. The course director is Steve Gregory. The course representative is Alisdair Venn.

Units: Semester 1

Unit Code CP Unit Title MS56
COMS30002 10 Cryptography A o
COMS30301 10 Introduction to Machine Learning o
COMS31000 10 Character and Set Design o
COMS35101 10 High Performance Computing o
COMSM0010 10 Cloud Computing o
COMSM0305 10 Learning in Autonomous Systems o
COMSM1105 10 Animation Production o
COMSM1211 20 Programming in C o
COMSM1500 10 Systems Security o
COMSM4111 10 Robotic Systems o
EMATM0004 10 Computational Genomics and Bioinformatics Algorithms o
EMATM1120 10 Uncertainty Modelling for Intelligent Systems o

Key: o - Option Choice

Units: Semester 2

Unit Code CP Unit Title MS56
COMS30003 10 Computational Bioinformatics o
COMS30106 10 Artificial Intelligence with Logic Programming o
COMS30115 10 Computer Graphics o
COMS30901 10 Applied Security o
COMSM0001 10 Production Project o
COMSM0007 10 Cryptography B o
COMSM0104 10 Web Technologies o
COMSM2001 10 Server Software o
COMSM2202 20 Research Skills c
EMATM0012 10 Statistical Pattern Recognition o

Key: o - Option Choice, c - Core Choice


Unit Code CP Unit Title MS56
COMSM3100 60 MSc Advanced Project c

Key: c - Core Choice

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