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Information for MSc applicants

General Information

Home page for each MSc programme. This will show you the structure of the programme but unfortunately the pages they link to are not public. We're updating them but it will take time. Additional information for new students. We're in the process of updating this. You may also find the CS department's learning resources page useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to study programming before I start the Conversion MSc?
    You are not required to know any C programming before you start the MSc so the speed of the C unit is not too fast even if you have not done any. However, it is a very good idea to learn some C in advance. With programming it can take some time before you 'get it' and are able to program. Also, the C unit is worth a lot of credits, and you will have other units to do at the same time. The MSc is a lot of work and you will make your life a lot easier if you work on your programming in advance.

  2. What is the programming test like?
    The test is about very basic programming concepts, things like for loops, data types, and passing parameters to functions. The test is to help decide whether you should do the C programming unit, which is intended as a review for students who are not comfortable enough with programming. MS51 students can do the test in Java or C, but all other programmes must do it in C.

  3. What programming language do we write the assignments in?
    You can use any language for your project and for some assignments. For other assignments you'll be required to use specific languages like matlab or prolog but they will be taught as part of the unit.

  4. Are the books are provided by the University or do the students have to buy them?
    You are expected to buy your own copy. In some cases there are a few copies in the library, but not enough for the whole class, and they may be an earlier edition.

  5. I need more information about the structure of my programme.
    More information about your programme can be found on our website

  6. What’s the deadline for accepting my offer?
    The deadline for response to an offer is 40 days from the offer publication date.

  7. I have a conditional offer; how do I make it unconditional?
    To make your offer unconditional please upload evidence for your conditions in the ‘Evidence for Conditions‘ section of the application and e-mail us to let us know about it.

  8. How can I get the scholarship?
    Here is some information on available financial help

  9. When do I need to pay my deposit?
    The deadline for the payment of the deposit is 31 August, however, if you are an international student, we will not be able to issue your CAS to you until you paid the deposit.

  10. How do I pay my deposit?
    Please see this page

  11. How do I pay my tuition fees?
    For all queries relating to payment of tuition fees please see this page

  12. How do I get my CAS?
    To receive your CAS your offer must be unconditional and you need to pay a £1000 deposit. We will then e-mail your CAS to you.

  13. When will I get my CAS?
    We normally start issuing CASs in the last week of June. This is a busy period so please be patient while we process your CAS.

  14. How do I book my accommodation?
    Once you have accepted an offer you will be able to apply for accommodation. For further details please see the Accommodation Office Applications and offers page.

  15. Can I visit the department?
    We do not organise visits to the department, however if you e-mail us your questions relating to the course you have chosen, we will be happy to forward them to the relevant Admissions Tutor. You can attending a Campus Tour.

  16. How many students are in each class?
    Between roughly 20 and 70.

  17. When I click on course unit links I am directed to a page asking my Single Sign Login. When will I get my Single Sign Login Details?
    You will receive your login details once you register as a student in September.

Other Questions

If you have a question please email Engineering Postgraduate Admissions (enq-pgtcs@bristol.ac.uk).
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